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Как сделать резкое фото при маленькой выдержке

Как сделать резкое фото при маленькой выдержке

Если вы собираетесь фотографировать колесо обозрения ночью, то расположитесь к нему поближе и используйте широкоугольный объектив, чтобы захватить как можно больше деталей. Сегодня я расскажу вам о том, как сделать подвесной потолок своими руками. Данный вид потолков один из самых популярных в мире. Друзья, подскажите, пожалуйста, программу для iphone для того, что оставить заметки на фотографиях. Иногда нужно сфоткать и записать чтото сверх фото. Но такой приблуды не нахожу. В данном блоге вы узнаете как создавать резкие фото, а также как повысить резкость фотографии при постобработке. This is "Как сделать выкройку юбки. Чек лист Построения Прямой Юбки." by оксана on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Как сделать резкое фото при маленькой выдержке

In my very favorite episode of Little House on the Prairie , a snow-covered Mr. Edwards bursts through the door of the Ingalls family home on their first Christmas in Kansas.

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Edwards looks more like a frosty Santa Claus than his usual grizzly man self. Edwards draws a small sack from his coat and begins pulling out presents for the girls. A piece of candy for each, a pair of mittens and a cup. But the girls are over the moon about their loot. For a family with very little, a little more can feel like so much. Melts my heart. I think of that line often, particularly around Christmastime when money and gifts begin coming and going so quickly.

So fueled by the mushy mushy, Little House Christmas spirit, I started sewing felt cookies last November. And I got hooked. I followed a general method and then went to town.

They are!

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Now Beany has her own versions of the same cookies she sees coming from the real kitchen. How you do it: 1.

Start by tracing the shape of your cookie on a piece of felt. You can trace actual cookie cutters; for circle cookies, lids and glasses work well. Once that shape is traced, cut it out. Each cookie has a front and back panel. For the back panel though, cut it into a rough square or oblong shape that is larger than the front piece that you already cut out.

Как сделать резкое фото при маленькой выдержке

This is your chance to get creative. For chocolate chips, cut out small pieces of dark brown felt. Add plum-colored felt for raisins. You could even add buttons!

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  • For all of my cookies, I freehanded the decorative details and then hooked them on with an X-shaped stitch over top. Note: For the iced sugar hearts, I first cut a colored heart shape slightly smaller than I wanted my final heart-shaped front cookie panel to be, and onto that colored heart I looped in stitches of thick embroidery thread in varying colors.

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    Then, I trimmed the excess from the cream-colored felt until it left a small outline around the colored heart. Then the front panel was complete!

    Once the front panel of the felt cookie is complete, place it decorated side up on top of the piece of felt you already cut as the back panel, leaving enough felt around the edges to allow for a bit of bunching and shifting. Sew the two sides together using matching thread. Trim the excess felt so that the front and back cookie panels are nice and even. Now repeat as many times as you need cookies! Have you done any crafting lately?

    What projects are on the horizon? I dare say I better get back to edible treats over yarn and felt.


    Interested in the real deal cookies the kind you can actually eat? Thank you! So happy to hear from another Little House fan!

    Crafting with felt is my new fav! I made quiet books, board game mats, a poker table mat, and a jewelry travel case for gifts this past Christmas.

    I love the cookies!!! Oh my goodness, I still have to take photos of your busy book to put on here!

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  • These are so fun! I think I might have to whip up a batch of these for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration! Following you on Pinterest now. Oh, I hope you do make them! My daughter is almost 4, and she still plays with them all the time!

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    XO, Katrina Interested in the real deal cookies the kind you can actually eat? Comments i love your felt cookies! Trackbacks […] since I made these felt cookies for Beany and my niece last Christmas which are holding up amazingly well and still favorite toys […].

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