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Overview of projects submitted in. Summary of prize-winning projects and shortlisted projects. What is the European Drug Prevention Prize about?

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Concept and objectives. Merits of the Prize. By Ece Kirik, member of the Jury for the and Prizes. By Richard Ives, member of the advisory expert group counselling the Jury. Shortlisted projects. It evolved over the years and was adapted to the ever changing contexts of drug prevention and youth participation. On the occasion of the 15 th Ministerial Conference, the Pompidou Group wishes to take the opportunity to express its gratitude to all countries, organisations and individuals who made the Prize such a success.

We also thank the hosting countries for the exemplary organisation of the conferences during which the Prize was awarded: Lithuania, Poland and the Russian Federation.

The Pompidou Group and its Secretariat is grateful and acknowledges the hard and committed work done by all members of the jury who have put at our disposal their knowledge of the youth culture, their understanding of drugs prevention programmes which appeal to young people and their awareness of the importance of youth participation and involvement in this field.

The young jurors aged are recruited by the Secretariat to serve on the jury for two consecutive Prize cycles. The Jury is supported by an advisory group of three experts who work with dedication and commitment counselling the jurors and supporting the Secretariat throughout the process.

Last but not least, we express our gratitude to all persons involved in the grass-root projects who do their utmost to make young people participate in drug prevention programmes at local, regional or national level. So far we have received almost projects from 36 countries. It is our hope that through the organisation of the Prize, the Pompidou Group is encouraging active youth participation in drugs prevention, and, by allowing some projects in particular to rise from anonymity, promoting and recognising the efforts made in this direction.

In addition, we thank our three promising trainees who, at different levels and different phases, were involved in the organisation of the European Drug Prevention Prize.

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  • We hope this document will be found useful to all stakeholders interested drug prevention and youth participation. Patrick Penninckx. Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group.

    Since , the Pompidou Group is awarding its European Drug Prevention Prize every two years to innovative drug prevention projects lead by young people for young people. The main objective of this prize is to recognize the importance of active youth participation in creating a better and healthier environment for all communities in Europe. The jury consists of six young people, aged 18 to The Jury is supported by an advisory group of three experts.

    The young jurors autonomously select the three prize-winners among the examined applications submitted. The three projects, which they consider to be the most innovative regarding drug prevention and the active involvement of young people from the setting-up to the running of the project, are awarded the Prize. Promoting youth involvement in drug prevention:.

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    Added value of the Prize for the Pompidou Group:. The European Drug Prevention Prize is unique as it is a prize awarded by young people to young people:. Moreover, the prize promotes the advantages of youth participation in drug prevention through:. A brief history. Consequently the positive experiences generated during this conference led the Pompidou Group to adopt a concept for an activity that will reinforce and promote active youth participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of drug prevention programmes.

    Signals and recommendations from the forum lead to discussions on poly-drug use and youth participation by prevention experts of the Pompidou Group. The role of peers, use of new technology and youth participation were recommended as ways of prevention which show positive results. It was awarded to projects from Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands. By Ece Kirik , member of the Jury for the Prizes and Those young people who are involved and participating in drug prevention speak the same language as the people who are the target audience of these interventions.

    There is no generation gap between these two groups which helps to develop confidence and reach out to those who otherwise would be reluctant to come in contact with adult experts. Young people can convey prevention messages in the appropriate language and format which is best understood by their peers. Young people are flexible and very responsive to new device in technology and culture. Innovation in methods and means of prevention is one of the added values of youth participation in this field.

    Therefore, I believe it is important to involve young specialists or even students from related fields in research and development of prevention interventions. My involvement in the Jury of the Prize has helped me to choose my professional path and get involved in drug prevention as a specialist in psychology. One of the main experiences for me was the realisation that drug problems affect people regardless of their nationality, culture, beliefs, etc.

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  • We can learn from each other - what might seem as a new problem in one country most certainly was dealt with in another country before. Therefore there is a great need for international cooperation, networks of experts, policy makers and young people who could work together and support each other in dealing with problems related to drugs. By Richard Ives , member of the advisory expert group counselling the Jury.

    Across Europe and throughout the world , drug prevention gets less financial support and less attention than drug treatment or tackling drug supply. Sometimes, the effectiveness of prevention activities is questioned. Those who do drug prevention can feel neglected and unloved.

    Yet some of the most innovative work in the drugs field takes place in prevention. Across Europe, drug prevention practitioners are working in new ways and making connections with other social problems, involving a wide range of professionals and volunteers and engaging with young people and their parents using a huge variety of approaches.

    The other aim is to support and encourage the involvement of young people in drug prevention.

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    Involving young people in issues that concern them has long been a commitment of the Council of Europe. The European Drug Prevention Prize is an excellent example of that commitment. As the Expert Advisor to the Jury of young judges since the inception of the biennial Prize in the Panel is each time refreshed with new members , I have had the privilege of seeing this in practice.

    I have no vote and act only in an advisory capacity — control has been ceded to the young people. They have responded to this responsibility, showing great care and sensitivity in selecting prize-winners from the many projects submitted a total 80 in alone.

    I have no doubts about the quality of the 11 projects to which the Prize has been awarded over its four cycles.

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    These projects have approached drug prevention in creative and innovative ways; they have engaged young people of all ages and included those with disabilities and with a variety of difficulties; they have used a range of techniques for drug prevention. They have potential for transferability to other settings in other cultures and countries. As a model for genuine youth participation, the European Drug Prevention Prize challenges other organisations to work harder to engage young people effectively through mechanisms that define and ensure their involvement.

    If an international organisation — with all its structural and bureaucratic constraints — can achieve genuine and lasting participation, then so can others. Prize Czech Republic. Russian Federation. San Marino. United Kingdom. Purpose of this report.

    Every two years, the Pompidou Group receives a number of valuable and impressive active youth drug prevention projects. While only three European Drug Prevention Prizes are awarded, we recognise the merits and innovation of many other entries which are then shortlisted.

    We feel that many of these projects may offer new and creative ideas and may serve as a resource for policy makers, researchers, experts, practitioners and even young people in the creation and development of their own projects and programmes.

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    All of these projects can be adapted and replicated in other countries and further developed with the goal of improving drug prevention. This report includes both prize-winning projects from , , and as well as shortlisted entries from , and contests. The content of this report is based solely on the information provided by the project managers or representatives in the application form for the project or programme.

    No assessment of the applicant projects or programmes was completed as a means of evaluation for this report by the Pompidou Group.

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    The report is not meant to evaluate or judge the quality of these projects, but rather as a way to highlight the achievements of interesting and creative projects. Explanation of report summaries.

    Based on the project applications, we have prepared a short summary of each project, outlining what the project or group has accomplished and how it directly relates to drug prevention. Each project profile also includes a short summary of the type of drug prevention used and an explanation of how successful the project has been with regards to drug prevention and youth participation.


    Each project profile also includes information that may further help readers, including keywords, youth involvement and participation, type and level of success of drug prevention, organisations and partnerships, goals and objectives, means of reaching participants and plans for future expansion and development. Below is an explanation of what each section describes:. Short keywords or phrases that help define or describe what is unique about the project.

    Readers may quickly scan key words among different projects to look for projects that may have similar goals or structures. Youth involvement and participation. The European Drug Prevention Prize exists to recognise and honour projects created for youth and by youth. This number is based on the number submitted on the application form of the project.

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    In some cases, this section may include the number of adult volunteers or paid staff members involved in a project as well. Youth involvement as managers, planners and facilitators, 2. Youth participation and beneficiaries of the programme or project and 3.

    Adult participation as staff members and administrators. Each subtopic includes the number of people involved as well as a short summary of their involvement or participation in the programme or project. We highlight the level of involvement and quality of contribution of the youth participants and the impact on participants rather than necessarily the number of youth volunteers or participants.

    While these numbers have some significance, they are not as important as the overall quality of the project. Type of drug prevention. They are as follows:. Such individuals include those with mental health problems, psychiatric disorders and signs of early drug use. Level of success.